Standardized Software Interface


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Standardized Software Interface

Industrial and scientific measurement setups such as production lines and standardized measurement procedures call for an easy way to integrate and automate measurement equipment. The A·P·E Software Interface introduces a new way of addressing all A·P·E devices and integrating them into software controlled environments.

A common standardized command set is used across all A·P·E’s devices for easy programming. Compared to a standard driver library the new A·P·E Software Interface interacts directly with the device’s Control Software making the system more intelligent. It is therefore comparable to an application programing interface (API), making automated measurements is easier than ever.

The A·P·E Software Interface is based on the standard TCP/IP communication protocol. This enables integration of A·P·E’s devices into your Local Area Network (LAN) as well as using the readily available infrastructure of the internet for large distance remote access. TCP/IP communication is well supported by a wide variety of programming languages. A complete interface documentation comes with each device. Here you can download some examples that demonstrate how to use the software interface with common programming languages (C++, C#, LabVIEW™, Python, Matlab and Ruby).

Key advantages of the A·P·E Software Interface are:
• Uniform structure of commands
• SCPI99 compatible command syntax
• Interaction of complex control commands via the Control Software
• Access to processed data rather than raw data
• Direct access to meaningful measurement parameters calculated from the processed

• Management of status information