FROG Option for pulseCheck autocorrelator


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FROG Option for pulseCheck autocorrelator

APE provides a FROG option for nearly all pulseCheck autocorrelators. FROG (Frequency-resolved optical gating) with the pulseCheck allows a complete spectral and temporal analysis of ultrashort laser pulses without the need for a spectrometer.

The FROG option covers a wavelength range of 420 to 1600 nm. Every pulseCheck autocorrelator from now on is delivered ready for an upgrade with FROG.

The improved FROG software uses an innovative ptychographic algorithm (q.v.: P. Sidorenko et al., Optica, 3, 1320 (2016))  and thus provides an even more stable and reproducible spectral and temporal reconstruction of the laser pulses to be analyzed. The software can be operated by the user without further knowledge of the method.

(March 2017)